Affidavit And Agreement For Issuance Of Duplicate Warrant

Please issue us the original share certificate as soon as the dual share certificates have been issued. However, if the initial actions are found before following the procedure for obtaining a double share certificate, please inform us immediately so that we can remove the precautions to be taken with respect to these certificates of action. If the dividend slip continues to be declared unpaid in the written statement, we will immediately issue you a double arrest warrant for the granting of a loan of compensation. Under this system, you can receive your dividend in the form of direct credit in your bank account. This avoids a lot of trouble such as the fraudulent loss/interception of dividend notes during postal transit. It also speeds up credit payments to your account compared to physical dividend guarantees. We strongly recommend that you be able to do so if you have not yet opted for the electronic clearing service. If an investor has not received a dividend warrant and wants it reissued, they must provide the following form. Bank of India shareholders must follow the attached procedure to apply for a dual share certificate In accordance with the SEBI/HO/MIRSD/DOP1/CIR/2018/73 circular of 20 April 2018, all dividends related to the revalidation of dividends or the non-preservation of a voucher on dividend options, etc., would be paid only by electronic bank transfer (RTGS/NEFT). Please inform us immediately of the loss of stock certificates, including the name of the company, your registration number and information on stock certificates, if available.

We will immediately issue a warning to your Folio to prevent any further transfer of shares covered by lost share certificates. At the same time, you must complain to the police about the loss of shares and file a recognized copy of the police complaint. After receiving the above mentions, we will complete additional formalities for issuing dual certificates. However, please note that if the lost shares are filed with a valid transfer of a third party for transfer to the Company, the matter will be dealt with on the basis of the relevant facts and we will recommend further action on that date. This avoids a lot of trouble such as fraudulent loss/cashing of dividends during post-transit transit.