Can A Doctor Make You Sign An Arbitration Agreement

The Supreme Court said that the FAA applies to all disputes related to intergovernmental trade, and that the FAA should be widely read to require arbitration if the contract contains a compromise clause. The judicial opinion is that activities in the health sector are interstate exchanges, because navigation is purely medical, that laboratory tests, the recruitment of doctors, the obtaining of Medicare funds, the treatment of non-governmental patients and extra-state offices cross borders. But proponents of the agreements say they help both doctors and patients. You`re all psychopaths, the big bad doctors aren`t here to have you, they`re just trying to protect themselves from nut cases, like you who would complain if something went wrong. I`m afraid to complain and keep going. Other state statutes stipulate that the nature and printing of the arbitration agreement should be of a certain size, not buried in small legal characters and that the language should be simple enough to understand. Connecticut, for example, requires that the arbitration conditions for someone with Grade 6 training and on a form be no more than one page in length. Unlike Broemmer, the Mississippi Supreme Court in Cleveland v. man upheld an arbitration agreement when the plaintiff argued a lack of understanding of his illiteracy, and extreme pain when he signed the agreement. The doctor`s office had clear guidelines and procedures; the arbitration agreement was a two-page document, the first fat-typ of which gave what the patient signed. On the next page, each term was described, with the patient`s understanding that neither emergency care nor immediate stress was at stake. The agreement gave the patient 15 days to relapse and had provisions to submit written changes to the clinic for approval. Each clause was signed by the patient, who recognizes his understanding, and countersigned by an office officer and initiated by the doctor.

In the papers on the clipboard, there was a form that I didn`t sign by other doctors… A „doctor-patient arbitration agreement.“ In so many words, signing this „agreement“ would waive my right to file a complaint against the doctor and his medical group if they make a mistake in my medical care – you know, the kind of mistake that could kill me.