Ghostwriter Confidentiality Agreement

It is true that you spend a lot of money to hire a ghost writer to write a novel in its entirety, but you have options. For money? Ask your ghost writer for services that will help you save money while you`re still doing the project. More and more ghost writers are attributing their services to other professionals, sometimes writers, who are not so skilled or so experienced. If you think the phone company is the only one doing outsourcing, make a joke. The problem is that some ghost writers won`t tell you, which is a violation of your rights. By definition, a ghost writer works in the shadows, and the fact that he or she wrote your manuscript should never be published. The use of snippets in a portfolio is acceptable, but only under certain conditions. But don`t ignore the confidentiality agreement yet! Although the world of writing is very different from business, there remains a competitive world there and even writers must take conscious steps to protect their hard work. I would tell you that you should avoid ghost writers who are unnecessarily passionate about your idea, but I am known to be overinterested myself when a client proposes a project that really jazzs me up. My advice? Ask for a telephone conversation so that you can more easily evaluate the ghost writer`s opinions. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but you don`t pay a best-selling author to write your manuscript. Instead, you place a mind whose writing abilities exceed your own.

That`s the quintessence. So if your ghost writer claims multiple sales to publishers, ask for proof. It protects everyone`s interest in the agreement and provides some certainty that your proprietary information will retain its coveted confidential status. RT @drfreelance: Confidentiality agreement (and no name) #freelance – good article Recently, I stumbled upon the site of a ghost writer who claimed that the author had had „numerous contacts“ with literary agents and New York publishers. The first red flag was the New York qualifier – it may sound impressive, but there are a lot of excellent publishers in Den versus Manhattan in the country. So if you design your agreement, not literally or complicated. Delivery items are items that the ghost author makes available to the customer. The most obvious delivery is the manuscript, but may also contain specifications for designs, third-party editions or promotional material. They`re out there! If confidentiality is a must in your novel or other work, you will find a publisher who clearly approves of the practice and is willing to take the process seriously. First, your ghost writer should get a confidentiality agreement (NDA) from anyone to whom your working relationship is revealed.

This means that potential customers of your ghost writer agree not to share inside information with others.