Nyc Dep Payment Agreement

The most important thing for you is to contact customer service. You must arrange the payment, or if you think you are not liable for the money, you must pay the fee with us on August 25, 2020 or before. If the payment has not been agreed before November 3, 2020 and the fees are not in question, the right to pledge will be sold on your property. To find out how to make a payment, please visit How to Pay. The sale of 2020 pledges began on February 12, 2020. Customers must arrange payment by November 3, 2020. Owners with pawn rights for sale should contact the city to establish a payment plan or apply for an exemption from the purchase of collateral (see exemption eligibility checklist). Otherwise, the payment of the debt after the sale of the pawn interest to a buyer of debt could be heavier. Supporters may also be able to help the owner pay the pledge fee in its entirety with a loophole credit.

Your billing and payment history is available online through your My DEP account. The four-year rule is not a restriction on liability that you might have if you renewed unpaid fees. Invoices issued by the NYC Water Board, including lump sum and timed invoices, using actual reading or reading operations, late fees and other fees and fees, are valid and are considered „guarantees“ in relation to your property until they are fully paid. Visit our KUBRA EZ-PAY portal to create an EZ-Payslip to take to a participating retail site. KUBRA EZ-PAY supports a cash payment network of more than 60,000 retail locations. Participating retailers include: The last day you deposit a payment or sign up for a 2020 pledge sale has been extended. During this period, DEP will continue to cooperate with landowners whose rights to sell water and canals are threatened. Landowners who have received a sales warning must pay off their debts or enter into a payment agreement as quickly as possible to avoid being included in the sale of pledges. For more information, visit the nyc Department of Finance. Within 90 days of the date of filing, the city informs all landowners by mail about (a) the conditions under which the pledge was sold; b) the name of the new holder of the pledge and c) the name of the agent of the deposit holder, to which the owner of the land should address.

The representative will also contact the owner of the accommodation to discuss payment terms. Pay your water and sanitation bills online quickly and safely. My DEP account is the central portal for all DEP customer online activities. You can also make a one-time payment for your canal and water bills. If you don`t want to sign up for My DEP, you can pay online with our QuickPay system to make a one-time payment. Payments will be credited to your account the next business day. For water and sanitation billing, account or service information, including service inspections, repairs and reimbursement options, please contact customer service for assistance. If you have received a deposit slip or want to consolidate your debt, you may be eligible for a payment contract that will allow you to gradually settle your debts over time.