Paris Agreement Secretariat

The timely implementation of the EU climate and energy framework by 2030 was seen as an important sign of the EU`s commitment to the goals of the Paris Agreement. Ministers also stressed the importance of swift ratification of the agreement. Sharon Dijksma, Dutch Environment Minister and President of the Council, and Maroé Efsovic, Vice-President of the European Commission, sign the agreement on behalf of the EU at a high-level ceremony in New York, USA. A new global agreement on climate change was reached on 12 December. The agreement is a balanced outcome with an action plan to limit global warming to a level „significantly below“ 2 degrees Celsius and to limit its efforts to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Representatives of the Presidency of the Council and the European Commission have tabled the official ratification documents with the SECRETARy-general of the United Nations, who is the custodian of the agreement. Following the signing of the UNFCCC Treaty, the parties to the UNFCCC met at conferences („Conferences of the Parties“ – COPs) to discuss how to achieve the treaty`s objectives. At the first Conference of the Parties (COP-1), the parties decided that the objective of the Schedule I parties to stabilize their emissions at their 1990 level by the year 2000 was „not appropriate“[13] and further discussions took place at subsequent conferences on the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. The Kyoto Protocol was concluded and legally binding commitments were made under international law to enable developed countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions over the 2008-2012 period. [4] At the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference, an agreement was presented to limit global warming to less than 2oC above pre-industrial levels. [14] „UNFCCC“ is also the name of the UN secretariat responsible for assisting the implementation of the convention, with offices in Haus Carstanjen and the UN campus (known as Langer Eugen) in Bonn, Germany. From 2010 to 2016, Christiana Figueres was head of the secretariat.

In July 2016, Patricia Espinosa succeeded Figueres. The Secretariat, complemented by the parallel efforts of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), aims to reach consensus through meetings and a debate on different strategies. 114 countries approved the agreement. [29] The UNFCCC secretariat notes that „some parts … In their submissions to the Secretariat, specific arrangements regarding the nature of the agreement and related issues on the basis of which they agreed.“ The agreement was not formally adopted by the Conference of the Parties. On the other hand, the COP „took note of the Copenhagen agreement.“ [29] The UNFCCC secretariat also recognizes the following groups as informal groups of NGOs (2016):[89] For official trade and general requests un UNITED NATIONS Secretariat Main Office Campus Place 1 D-53113 Bonn, The UNFCCC of Germany Secretariat P.O. Box 260124 D-53153 Bonn, Germany The Paris Agreement came into force on 4 November 2016 after the conditions of ratification by at least 55 countries representing at least 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions were met. All EU countries have ratified the agreement. The lack of significant progress over the past 18 years and the achievement of effective political contracts between the parties to reduce CO2 emissions has led some countries, such as the United States, to refrain from ratifying the MOST important UNFCCC agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, largely because the treaty did not sew the developing countries, of which the largest emitters of CO2, are now among the largest emitters. However, the historical responsibility for climate change since industrialization, which is debated in the discussions, and the responsibility for emissions from the consumption and importation of goods have not been taken into account. [77] It also led Canada to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol in 2011, in the desire not to induce its citizens to pay penalties that would lead to capital transfers from Canada.

[78] Both the United States and Canada are reviewing