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The questions and answers are often asked below about leases and leases, as well as invoices and extracts: How to adjust or terminate my lease: A Pitney Bowes lease is a legally binding agreement with certain conditions, under which the customer receives the use of Pitney Bowes devices against a fixed number of payments. Identify my account number: In order to optimize the bank account number, a 10-digit BPN account – partner number – has been assigned to you, which streamlines access to your account information and makes it easier for you to manage your business with us. What is CSP: Service contracts, also known as the Comprehensive Service Plan (CSP) or Equipment Maintenance Agreement (EMA), have a 12-month duration. Comprehensive Service Plan (CSP) is your service agreement with Pitney Bowes for equipment. This includes all maintenance calls, on-site technical calls, telephone assistance and, if applicable, replacement. This tax is calculated at the first conclusion of the contract for a lease or rent. If CSP is required after the initial contract is signed, contact 1-800-672-6937. All images are compressed for speed without giving up quality, which means that a fast website and high-resolution images can go hand in hand. We`ll also optimize images to fit the screen size to allow for a fully responsive experience.

The PB explicitly grants loans on cash-margin loans (for long positions) and equity loans (for short positions) or implicitly on equity derivatives (which may be long or short). All this so that your fund can generate — ahh — „alpha“[1] We fully understand that social media can be as important to your business as your website. Your presence on social networks can also be really helpful in driving traffic to your site, so we can integrate your feeds into the design of the site. This goes through a widget or external link to be fully integrated into the site code, so it is perfectly integrated into the site itself. Each of these four trades includes the first broker who finances an asset and then receives the asset in one form or another. As the cost of financing the first brokerage is critical to its viability, it is worth seeing what the first broker does in each of these cases. Given the more severe consequences for data breaches, it is all the more important for companies to obtain permission to provide data and to clearly indicate how they will use it. In this context, all application forms on PB Lite sites are compliant with the RGPD. We are able to support your contact form and privacy policy. While all of our application forms comply with the RGPD guidelines, the Singleton Environment Centre is a particularly positive example. It is often said that an image can paint a thousand words, so in that sense, we want to make sure that the images on your website promote your brand message as much as your copy.

This will also create an attractive user experience. Since it came into force in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a hot topic of discussion among businesses.