Simple Shareholders Agreement

A shareholder contract model provides security and clarity as to what you can or can do in the company. It also contains a provision that states that you must base all decisions on discussion and consensus. Although this document is not a „legal requirement,“ it is still strongly recommended to produce a document to avoid conflicts in the future. 4.2 Board decisions are taken by a simple majority. The quorum is reached by the Board of Directors when more than half of its members are present. Board meetings are held at least once a month. The notification is made in writing (including electronically) at least 5 days in advance. All board members must be informed of the board meeting before the board can make an effective decision. NOW ACCORD THAT the parties to this agreement agree, in light of the premises and reciprocal agreements, as follows: List of all contracting parties to this agreement with their names, addresses and number of shares held in the company. 1.1 This shareholders` agreement intends to regulate the reciprocal rights and obligations of the parties as shareholders of the company, including the individual contributions and responsibilities of the parties. The schedule and shareholder comparison instructions will help you choose the agreement that best suits your request. Each shareholder wants to maximize the value of their investment, so why not supplement the company`s items by using this shareholder pact to prevent conflicts and protect minority shareholders.

This simple shareholder pact between some or all of your company`s shareholders can be the best way to ensure stability and continuity. It is strongly advised to put the agreement on the creation of the company and the issuance of its very first shares. You can use it as a positive step to make sure that you and the shareholders are all on the same side when it comes to the deal. 17.2 The content of this shareholders` pact cannot be changed without the mutual understanding of the parties. The parties consult annually at the company`s general meeting on whether to revise the shareholder contract. 2.1 Governance (a) The company is governed by a shareholder-appointed board of directors (the board of directors) within the meaning of this agreement. Groups generally want to enter into a shareholder pact. They are not legally required to create a company in all states, but they can and do protection and information that is very valuable to both shareholders and directors.