Truck Dispatcher Agreement Template

1 DISPATCHER CARRIER AGREEMENT This agreement is today, 20, from and between „GRAYLEAF MANAGEMENT GROUP INC“, as dispatchER, and hereafter referred to as the carrier. IN THE CONSIDERANT, DISPATCHER is a transport dispatcher that processes the necessary papers between a shippers and the carrier to secure the „CARGO“ for these carriers. WHEREAS CARRIER is a CONTRACT carrier engine under ICC jurisdiction: NOW, THEREFORE, given the promises and monasteries included below, it is agreed by and between the parties as follows: OBLIGATIONS OF DISPATCHER: 1. DISPATCHER agrees to process paperwork, phone; Fax calls, broker or SHIPPER, to launch a tender for shipments of goods to CARRIER for transport in intergovernmental trade by CARRIER between points and places under Carrier`s operating authority. 2. DISPATCHER has no financial or legal responsibility in the transaction between SHIPPERS, CARRIER agreement. 3. DISPATCHER is: a) Make 100% effort to keep trucks loaded. b) CARRIER is contacted by any cargo we offer, and the driver will accept the charge or REJECT.

c) charges the carrier at the time of service or notification; in addition, a copy of each Load Confirmation Sheet for which CARRIER is charged. 4. CARRIER agrees to pay an installation fee of $75 and a flat fee of $34.99 per charge after the first installation. 5. CARRIER gives DISPATCHER the authority to provide its signature for price confirmation sheets, invoices and related documents necessary for the stowage of the cargo and for billing purposes. The terms of this agreement are undetermined, provided that each party can denounce it by a written notification of 30 days to the other. 6. SHIPPER undertakes to pay CARRIER without delay after receiving a freight invoice and proof of delivery of each shipment to its assigned destination, without damage or bottlenecks.

The amount payable by SHIPPER to CARRIER is set between the parties per shipment before the start of each 5 CARRIER / COMPANY PROFILE FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete this form and provide us with all information relating to you and your company. The more informed we are, the better we can help you. This form can be updated at any time by notification. This information is only intended for our use and will not be disclosed to third parties without your express written permission.