Usda Eab Compliance Agreement

You need a USDA compliance agreement for your certified ash and logs, ash, ash, ash, etc., which can be transported to Maine. You can apply for a federal compliance agreement by contacting Stephen Lavallee, State Plant Health Director for NH and VT: (802) 369-3208 or Once you have the compliance agreement, create a verifiable paper trail by filling out and respecting each shipment: these questions and answers are for information and training. For the legal content of the quarantine and compliance agreement, contact state entomologist Piera Siegert (603-271-2561 or for relevant answers to your specific questions. No no. Regulated materials originating in New Hampshire or New Hampshire may not be transported or transported outside the federal quarantine zone (i.e. in much of Maine), unless expressly authorized by a USDA compliance agreement and the person moving the regulated items. If you receive a compliance agreement, you certify that you have knowledge of EAB quarantine and the technical ability to comply with specifications for the manufacture of a product processed from ash and hardwood (see below for the definition of the processed product). This is an agreement between the USDA and the regulated person or industry that allows the transfer of regulated materials from New Hampshire to non-governmental areas that are not quarantined. It certifies that regulated materials are processed or processed in one way or another in order to make them emerald for the removal of emerald forests. The agreement is issued after a visit to your facility by a USDA inspector.

It is renewed every year. For movements outside the federal quarantine zone (i.e. much of Maine), contact Stephen Lavallee, National Plant Health Director of NH and VT at 802-369-3208 or Can I send regulated equipment from New Hampshire to an area outside the federal quarantine zone without any compliance agreements being reached? The compliance agreement includes a written and signed agreement between a business management article and the MDA when shipments are made only within the state (Intrastate) or the MDA and APHIS-PPQ when shipments are made outside the state (intergovernmental). The compliance agreement confirms the person`s or company`s understanding of the methods, conditions and procedures necessary to comply with quarantine provisions.