Access Period Enterprise Agreement

For employers who wish to enter into enterprise agreements, compliance with enterprise bargaining and pre-authorization procedures is an increasingly detailed and difficult area. It will remain a priority for enterprise negotiations in 2020, so that their agreements are properly concluded and can be approved by the Fair Labour Commission and there is no dispute as to their validity. The employer had, at least on May 1, 2014, launched the voting letter, ballot paper and return letter of the ballot in the voting process, so that the access period was the seven-day period that ended just before May 1, 2014. The access period consists of 7 clear calendar days. [1] The proposed enterprise agreement contained references to the NES and included certain conditions of previous enterprise agreements. United Voice objected to the approval of the enterprise agreement and submitted that MSS Security had not taken appropriate action during the access period to give employees copies or access to the relevant provisions of the NES and previous enterprise agreements. (a) receive a copy of the document for the agreement before the end of the fourth day of the access period; or other information on how to negotiate in good faith and good practice in the Ombudsman`s Best Practices for Fair Work guide – improving productivity at work in negotiations. The Fair Work Act 2009 provides a simple, flexible and fair framework that helps employers and workers negotiate in good faith to enter into an enterprise agreement. This should be at least 21 days clear after staff notification and 7 days clear after the start of the access period.

Note: The 21 days are calculated from the day after the last notification. In order for the Commission to be satisfied that there is a genuine agreement, the employer must take all appropriate measures before seeking the workers` agreement on this point: the voting procedure described in paragraph 1 of the Fair Labour Act is the procedure characterized by an employer who is covered by an enterprise agreement proposed by the workers at that time. agreement are invited to approve the agreement by voting in favour of it.“