Bursary Agreement

Or watch this step-by-step video of how you sign your NSFAS agreement. You will then be informed to verify your information about the agreement and to make sure that the information is correct. Once you have been approved for government funding, you must sign a scholarship contract form, here`s how. To sign the agreement, you must log into your NSFAS account via a unique pine number. This notification leads you to the NSFAS website, where you can view your scholarship contract form. Only students who have been admitted enter into a formal agreement with the NSFAS. According to the Agency, selected students do not receive money until the contract is signed. Applications can be submitted online or manually. For more information, if you are having difficulty accessing your online account or following the application process, you can call the NSFAS contact centre on 086 006 7327.

Once your data is validated, check out the „Conditions and Declaration“ boxes. If you meet the NSFAS funding criteria, you must apply for financial assistance when applications are opened. Once your application has been approved, NSFAS sends an email or text notification to confirm your recipient`s status. Due to the number of applications received each year by the NSFAS, your application may take some time to process. After clicking „Yes“ on terms and conditions, you have completed the signing process. During their journey through life, you will face challenges and obstacles along the way. This requires you to find ways to deal with these situations and adapt to them. Developing a personal development plan is the perfect tool to cope with the constant changes and challenges of life. ..