Liberia Articles Of Agreement

For more information or assistance in ordering marine publications, please contact Ballast Water Record Book (see BWM-001) – Any ship subject to the World Cup convention must have a record ballast water logbook on board. Any ballast water operation must be immediately fully recorded in the ballast water record book. Record ballast water records must be opened on board the vessel for a minimum of two years after the last entry and subsequently under the control of the company for a minimum of three years. This ballast water record book complies with BWM Regulation B-2 and contains instructions for filling in. The eRLM-300 CD-ROM is the same as the RLM-300 paper copy repair and is accaptable as long as the last revision remains on board. For publications by date, please go to „Commander Publications“ / „Publications by Date.“ . Garbage Record Book – Ships that do not carry fixed cargo must keep Part I of MARPOL Annex V Garbage Record Book. Part I concerns the collection of waste from plastics, food waste, household waste, consumer oil, incineration ash, operating waste, carcasses, fishing gear and electronic waste. It contains useful instructions, instructions, excerpts from the existing provisions of Schedule V and a separate section for the registration of exceptional releases or de-insrations in accordance with Rule 7 of Schedule V of Annex V of MARPOL. Operating Test List/Safety Control for SOLAS Requirements – Marine Mentions INS-004 This operational safety checklist will help Master ensure that life-saving, fire-fighting and equipment is in good condition, and that it can be used immediately in accordance with the SOLAS and MARPOL conventions. Proactive use of the checklist could identify devices that do not work and do not need to be repaired or maintained as needed. Copies of the completed form can be sent to the dpa forms. For more information about Cyber and Ship Security and Marine Environmental Awareness Training BMP-CBTs click here! Ozone Depletion Substances (ODS) Record Book – Any vessel subject to Schedule VI of MARPOL Regulation 6.1 and with rechargeable systems containing ozone-depleting substances is required to keep an ozone depletion book in accordance with Schedule VI of the MARPOL Regulation.

This ODS data book complies with The MARPOL Rules of Appendix VI and contains instructions for filling in.