Aeon Personal Loan Agreement

The applicant must provide valid HKD bank account data for funds transfers and monthly repayment purposes when applying for a loan via the mobile app 「 AEON HK」. After a successful application and credit application, the approved amount is immediately transferred to your specified account through the Faster Payment System (FPS) 24/7 under normal circumstances. However, the bank/company concerned may have restrictions on the receipt of funds. The actual reception status and the reception time are subject to the agreement or decision of the bank/entity concerned. AEON is not responsible for losses due to a delay in processing time. Warning: you must repay your loans. Don`t pay the middlemen. For each claim, please call: 2895 6262# If an additional document can be provided, it helps to get a higher loan amount. Applies only to the loan amount of HK$600,000 or more.+ With a loan of HK$600,000 and 12 months credit repayment term for calculation. The lowest annualized percentage („APR“) of 4.49% is calculated by a loan amount of HK$600,000, a monthly flat rate of 0.2% with a repayment term of 12 months.

The figure expects a credit amount of HK$600,000, a monthly fee of 0.2% for a repayment period of 12 months. The total amount of interest payable is HK$14,400 and the total loan repayment amount is HK$614,400. The above example serves only as a reference. Aeon Credit Service is a financial services company that is part of the Aeon Group, best known for its Aeon department stores and supermarket. Aeon Credit Service mainly offers credit cards and private loans. The applicant must be a Malaysian national employed as a government official, employed by a private sector organization or self-employed with a minimum gross salary of RM1,500 per month. . You can pay at Aeon service centers, deposit ATMs, Internet Banking, Interbank-GIRO or via a transfer to the ATM. The decision on the authorization of financing belongs exclusively to AEON Credit Service. AEON Credit Service will then contact you within the same business day and ask you to provide the necessary documents. Get your cash payment at any time 24/7 after authorization.

For payments made after the 2nd Each month, a fee is charged for late payments: the customer is informed by SMS from AEON Credit Service of his application status (approval/refusal). If the request is accepted, the AEON representative will contact the customer to sign the sales contract at the nearest AEON Credit Service subsidiary. If you are an employee, prepare the following: loan up to RM100,000 for a maximum financing period of seven years. This is the Bai Al Inah concept (sell-buy-back with installment payment) The applicant must be between 18 and 60 years old to qualify. The money is transferred to the customer`s savings account or checking account. The authorisation procedure lasts within 1-3 days….