Kentucky Quarantine Agreement

Linscott. „I never said that.“ HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. (WJW) – A Kentucky couple is under house arrest after one of them tested positive for the coronavirus and refused to sign documents that agreed to a self-service. In Kentucky, the law also says that city and county health authorities „exclusive control and operation. Von. Everybody. Matters relating to public health and the enforcement of all laws and regulations relating to public health“,including quarantine. According to the CDC, large-scale isolation and quarantine were last imposed during the „Spanish flu“ pandemic between 1918 and 1919. In recent history, few public health events have resulted in isolation or quarantine orders at the federal level.

„We said to ourselves, `What will happen if we refuse?` It will only degenerate more and more. The only known challenge for a federal quarantine came in 1963, when a U.S. citizen was ordered to be hospitalized when she arrived in New York without valid vaccination papers from Sweden, amid a smallpox eruption. MORE: Autoquarantene may help slow the spread of the coronavirus In most states, breaking a quarantine order is a crime, according to the CDC, although Kentucky law does not predict any penalties. The Linscotts are not the only ones who have been bound by the law for quarantine issues. On March 30, Kentucky Circuit judges ordered that at least four COVID-19 patients wear ankle monitors for allegedly breaking self-isolation orders. And on April 6, April 1, the Kanawha County Circuit Court authorized the Sheriff`s Department to issue ankle monitors for those who refuse to quarantine. Colorado and Hawaii have also considered using ankle monitors to monitor those who have been quarantined.