Nhs Sbs Framework Agreements Portfolio

The Vehicle Fleet Management (Vehicle Solutions) Framework enables authorities to procure vehicles and services. This framework can lead to savings and potential revenues. In the future, all public sector organisations in the UK will be able to access the more than 65 NHS SBS executives for free, subject to membership – which is also free. The hard facilities Management Framework includes 83 different vendors on 50 different grounds, covering everything from building management systems to moving services. fire protection equipment and training; Small things and electrical components, right down to the maintenance of catering devices, measured contracts and a fully managed service element. This framework has potential savings potential of 5 to 10%. The TEAM Energy Bureau service, available through this framework, offers NHS trusts, councils, universities, emergency services and other public sector organisations the opportunity to reduce internal management of the processing and verification of electricity bills. The energy office receives all bills for individual and multiple sites and checks them on arrival. All anomalies are reviewed and corrected, with electricity bills being processed for payment.

The TEAM Energy Bureau then claims, on behalf of the trust, all additional costs and strives to identify savings on future and, if necessary, historical electricity bills. The Procedure Pack framework is a flexible and diverse framework to meet the needs of all clients. The framework includes bowl packages, blood packaging, station and community packaging, surgical and non-surgical packaging. This framework offers a potential savings of up to 12%. The framework has an estimated value of £500m and is expected to operate until August 2022 with a two-year extension until 2024, if necessary. The Removal Framework (Hard FM) includes generalized, tailor-made and specialized moving services. The framework may include the storage and disposal of scrap metal and/or equipment. This framework offers a potential savings of 5 to 10%. For more information on the framework agreements offered by NHS SBS, see www.sbs.nhs.uk/proc-framework-agreements-support or email nsbs.contractenquiries@nhs.net The Park Management and Infrastructure (CPMI) Framework provides NHS and the public sector with a single, comprehensive solution for all parking needs. From construction to complete management, ANPR, barrier control and more.

This framework has a savings potential of 5%. The energy advisory services framework includes the provision of advisory services through an OJEU-compliant channel to the land, facilities and capital teams market. . . .