Retention Bonus Agreement

all information relating to the activity of the employer and its subsidiaries and associated undertakings, including, but not limited to, marketing methods and procedures, customer lists, lists of professionals referring customers to the employer, its subsidiaries and associated enterprises, know-how, sources and materials as well as business systems and processes, they have been established; Compiled, developed or received by the employee or employer or any of its subsidiaries or related companies are and will be confidential information and trade secrets („Confidential Information“) and the exclusive property of the employer, its subsidiaries and related companies. Confidential information does not include information (i) that was known to the worker before being employed by the employer, (ii) is made public by means other than those resulting from disclosure by the worker, or (iii) is available to the worker from a source other than the employer on a non-confidential basis, unless it is known that such source is linked to a confidentiality agreement or other secret. The obligation to respond is linked. Information. In this case, the first step towards writing a retention bonus agreement is to actually start writing a document in the form of a letter. This will eventually be sent to your collaborators, which means it`s a good time to complete the document as quickly as possible so you can easily fill in the gaps and ship them without much effort. Ultimately, your retention bonus agreement should benefit both you and the staff you want to keep. By offering a bonus, you can entice your top talent to stay close and help you achieve your business goals after a merger or acquisition. At the same time, you reward the commitment of your employees.

Category 1 – Retention Bonus may not increase retention This agreement must be solid and easy to understand. So be sure to talk to your legal team before offering it, and even tell your employee that their lawyer needs to look at them too. The last thing you want, right after an important business event like a merger or acquisition, is to be judged. After submitting my resignation, I noticed that we still had to take into account the retention bonus that you offered me at the beginning of this year. .